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Rattlers Lacrosse. Better Players. Better People.

Rattlers Girls & Boys Spring League

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Who we are



Navigating the website

The majority of registrations and info can be found on the three middle buttons on the home page. All league registrations will be under "Leagues".  All camps, clinics, and training opportunities can be found under "Training". All tryouts, seminars , and team events ca  be found under "Events". 

Rattlers Blueprint


The event does not dictate the outcome- Your response does!





-Above the Line

-Help Others

-Control your R's

-All In

-Relentless Work Ethic


-Invisible Plays




-Part of something bigger 




Elevate yourself and the people around you


Lifetime Experiences & Unbreakable Bonds

Mission: Our mission as a program is to teach players attitudes, behaviors, and skills that they can use on and off the field. We believe that lacrosse is an incredible way to harness life lessons, and personal development is at the forefront of our curriculum.

 The Rattlers blueprint contains three pillars- Character, Commitment, and Family. We believe that these pillars, along with the specific behaviors that go along with them, dictate success in lacrosse and all aspects of life. We emphasize the blueprint regularly, and reinforce it through numerous character workshops and leadership seminars throughout the course of the year.

Family: Family is not just something we say- it is something we believe, and something we do. We want all players, parents, and family members to be part of the Rattlers Family and build positive relationships among players and families that span much further than the lacrosse field.

Skill Stratification System (S3): We have a 100+ page curriculum that dictates rapid player development, age specific learning, and includes teachings from some of the top lacrosse minds in the world.

Click here to learn more about S3


Giving Back: Volunteer work and community projects are a major focus for us. We want players to understand the importance of helping people in need, and being part of a community. In addition to practice and games, teams are given a volunteer projects to complete. We feel that this is a great way to instill compassion and empathy in players, and give them real world experience that will benefit them in school and future careers.

Spring 2019 Volunteer Organizations

*Broomfield FISH

*Shadow Warrior Project

*Community Food Share, Louisville

*Special Olympics

*Boulder Parks & Wildlife

Website Overview: 

Leagues: Registration for all CYLA & CGLA leagues.

Training: All camps, clinics.

Events: All Tryouts and other events. 

Contact Info:

Rattlers Director, Ethan LaHoda


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