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First Annual Rattlers 3X Tournament

Rattlers Families,


Staying in town for Memorial Weekend? Join us on Saturday, May 25 th  for our first annual 3x Tournament! Win cash prizes, and help sponsor future Rattlers players!


Register here:


3x (�¢??three-by�¢??) is a low-contact pickup lacrosse game that many coaches use to build stick skills. It�¢??s also a blast to play!



-When: Saturday May 25th, 11am-2pm (ish)

-Where: Sienna Park at Anthem (15663 Sheridan Pkwy, Broomfield, CO 80020)

-Who: Anyone! Teams of 3-4. Register as a team or a free agent at the link below.

-Registration: $10 per player �¢?? 70% goes towards giving Rattlers scholarships for future spring seasons, 30% into prize pot.


Divisions: U10, U12, U14, High School, Adult *all divisions are allowed to have co-ed play**


--YOUTH AND HIGH SCHOOL DIVISIONS MUST WEAR HELMETS AND GLOVES. Adults are encouraged to, but not required.


**Number of games played depends on how many teams compete, so invite your friends!**


Register here:


Learn more about 3x:


The Basic Rules:

Ã??Ã?·      3 players per team Ã?¢?? the defensive team designates one person as the Ã?¢??goalieÃ?¢??, so play is essentially a continuous 3v2.

Ã??Ã?·      Goalie may only drop to knees to save a goal Ã?¢?? no playing from knees.

Ã??Ã?·      No crease, but contact with goalie is prohibited. Dunks allowed if stick does not interfere with goalieÃ?¢??s ability to save the ball.

Ã??Ã?·      Play with tennis balls.

Ã??Ã?·      We will use the Ã?¢??triangleÃ?¢?? of a regular lacrosse goal instead of a 3x3 goal.

Ã??Ã?·      Minimal contact Ã?¢?? no stick checks, just stick blocking. No cross checks, but Ã?¢??equal pressureÃ?¢?? is allowed.

Ã??Ã?·      Games are self-officiated to encourage Ã?¢??spirit of the game.Ã?¢?? Officials will be designated to fields if needed, but the main goal is to have fun!

Click here to see some 3x gameplay �¢?? notice how it�¢??s more about slick offense than stiff defense.


Keep up the great work the rest of this season, and we hope to see you on Memorial weekend to celebrate all we�¢??ve done, and help grow Colorado Lacrosse.


If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to help with the event, please contact Coach Stanton (Tournament Director) at


Go Rattlers!

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