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Spring Tryout Followup!

Rattlers Families,

What a great two days of spring tryouts! The coaches were thrilled with the turnout, and it is cool to see so many new and returning players come out. We appreciate all of the returning Rattlers and their efforts to include new players- this is what we are all about! We truly believe in being a FAMILY, and hopefully all of the new players and family members felt welcome and at home. It is our commitment to provide the best experience possible, and the relationships we have with our players and families is incredibly important to us.

We are a relationship based program, and it is a personal goal of mine to meet all players and parents in the program. If we have not met yet, please feel free to introduce yourself!

I wanted to write this letter to everyone who participated in tryouts to talk a little bit about the tryout process, as well as to commend the effort and level of play of each age group.

Level of play:  Our coaches were very impressed with the level of play at every age group. We marveled at the end of each session at the improvement in individual players and age groups as a whole. This shows us that players are putting in time in the offseason, working hard, and are committed to being the best they can be. We will continue to work endlessly to add to our age specific curriculum (S3), and to help players continue to elevate their skills, IQ, and the play of the people around them.

What's S3?

The Blueprint: Most importantly, we saw a group of players who bought in to our blueprint of "Character, Commitment, Family." We saw players making conscious, above the line decisions, an unwavering commitment to working hard, and a brotherhood between players. One example of this was during the U12/U15 tryout. We witnessed a U15 player working with a frustrated U12 player on their throwing form during a water break- this player was not asked to do so, but did it because it was the right thing to do. To us, these skills and behaviors are far more important than lacrosse, and we will continue to put an emphasis on helping players become successful in all aspects of life!

Our blueprint: //

Tryout Process: We take our evaluation process very seriously, and believe in giving all players an equal shot. With 10+ coaches evaluating, we are able to see each player perform in different drills and different environments. We recognize that some players learn in different ways, and we make sure that all coaches get a chance to run drills and coach different groups. Coaches are instructed to get thorough evaluations on all players, and the team placement process is something we work really hard on. Regardless of age or skill level, our #1 goal is to place athletes on the team that will provide them the best opportunity to achieve individual success.

Why are tryouts important to us? We strongly believe in providing lacrosse opportunities for ALL players who are interested in playing. With that being said, we also recognize that competition, and learning to handle adversity are an inherent part of life. We believe that sports are one of the best ways to teach players how to be resilient, how to work hard, how to be leaders, and how to be great people. We believe that although all players will make a team, it is important for players to earn their spot, just like they will be required to do to get into college, or to get a job.

E+R=O (event+response=outcome): We teach our players that they have the ability to respond above the line to any event. Although tough events may occur in life, we want them to understand that they have the power to overcome any event with their response. We feel that this directly relates to team placement. While we recognize that some players may not make the team that they wanted to, we also recognize the power that this gives them to grow, and to put in the work to get to where they want to be. For players that do make the team that they want, this gives them the opportunity to resist complacency and work harder, knowing that there are other players who are chasing them for this spot the following season. We believe that learning to respond to the adversity of not making a certain team, losing a game, or anything else similar in an athletic setting, will significantly aid them in responding to truly adverse and difficult events that might occur in the future.

We will send out individual tryout follow-up emails by Tuesday, November 20th. After receiving your team invitation you will have one week to pay in full. Missing this deadline will result in a late fee and you will run the risk of losing your players spot on the team. Our club is growing and getting more competitive, and this will be strictly enforced.

Please note that we may not have coaches designated for each team yet, and rosters will not be complete until after makeup tryouts in February. Some players trying out for Select teams may be asked to attend tryouts in February, and some players may get a team placement email that does not have a specific team or division yet. We are expecting a large turnout (especially at the younger ages) in February, and it is impossible for us to tell how many players there will be for each age group. The tryout in November is necessary to get an idea of how many teams we will have, how many coaches we will need, and to give players some things to work on their game in the offseason! Please know that I am happy to talk to ALL players (we encourage players to advocate for themselves), about their team placement, and give them feedback on what they can work on, and help them set future goals.

We want to be as transparent as possible about this process, so  please let us know if you have any questions! Here is another copy of our Q&A sheet: Rattlers Spring 2019 Tryout Questionnaire.pdf

Winter Box: Lastly, winter box sessions are filling up very fast, there are only a few spots remaining for the U13-U15 age group and we have over 70 kids total registered. If your son is planning to play box, please register ASAP to make sure his spot is reserved!

Winter Box Link:

Thanks for all of your support. We can't wait for spring!


-Coach LaHoda

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