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Girls Lacrosse FAQ

Girl's/Women's Lacrosse

Did you know that the girls lacrosse game differs greatly from that of the boys? 
In fact, the only real similarities are the goal, size of the goal circle, and the fact that they share the name of LACROSSE!

Although the rules are changing, you will notice that women's lacrosse is more focused on stick skills, speed, and finesse rather than solely physical strength. There are quote a few immediate differences that you'll notice: 

-     Less physicality- there is no outright hitting in women's lacrosse. 
Stick-to-stick contact is ok. Body-to-body contact is ok. Stick-to-body contact is NOT. 
Therefore, there is also less protective equipment required to play (see below)

-     Halves!
The game is played in two halves with a half-time. The duration of these change based on age. 

-     Miscellaneous: 
Different numbers of players on the field!, goalies can't score, girls can't shoot "through" another player, etc etc etc.

As Program Director, I want all of our players to be safe. Safety starts with great coaching, referees who keep the game safe, and players who play with integrity and control. That said, it is required that each girl is equipped with the below:

-     Girl's Lacrosse Stick 
*THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN A BOYS STICK* as there is little to no pocket, the sidewalls are shorter, and the stick doesn't come in different lengths. Girl's goalie equipment is near identical to that of boys. 

-     Eyewear/Headgear 
Either is fine with me as long as your daughter is equipped with it. Please note that a boy's lacrosse helmets for field players is NOT allowed.

-        Mouthguard 
MUST be a SOLID COLOR (not white or clear) and CANNOT have the image of teeth on them (ie: fangs) PLEASE DO NOT allow your daughters to chew on their mouthguards! Did you know that mouthguards come with supplemental dental insurance? If your daughter is wearing one and is injured in the mouth during play, your mouthguard provider will assist in the dental care (up to a specified amount, see package for details as each is different) 

-        Cleats and/or sneakers
Colorado weather is crazy so we recommend having a pair of cleats for (wet or dry) field play. 


-        Jewelry *CANNOT be worn during practice or games. I have seen too many earring posts go into girls heads. It is dangerous


-        Field Size  (
The Men's field is 60x 110 Yards whereas the Women's field varies between 60-70x 110-130 Yards! (much smaller for U11 players)

-        Field Markings
The Women's field has not only restraining lines and boundary lines that are integral to the play of the game, but also a center circle, 8m arc, and 12m fan! (not to mention the hashes and extra dots that are included in those field markings). These hashes, arcs, fans, and dots are all necessary when playing and are referred to during games!


There are many sticks on the market that very greatly in price, shape, material, etc. Below is a list of ones that I recommend most from personal experience:

Top Tier sticks (your daughter will be able to play with throughout high school even college) 

-        StringKing Mark 2 Offense/Midfield/Defense (mesh)

-        STX Crux 500/600 (mesh or traditional)

-        Gait 

-        Maverick Axiom (mesh runner)

-        Maverick Ascent (mesh runner)

-        EPOCH Purpose (mesh)

-        Brine Dynasty (mesh)

Mid Tier sticks (that are less expensive but are great for learning and growing as a player) 

-        Brine Dynasty (traditional)

-        Brine Warp

-        STX Crux 400 or lower

Beginner sticks /packages - are all perfect choices for players 10 and under, but be aware that your daughter will likely grow out of this stick quickly, may become frustrated because these sticks don't build pockets well and it will be more difficult for her to catch.

There is a new stick on the market made by Signature Lacrosse, that is a very good option for beginners.

More to come at a later date!

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